What Happens In Your Head Doesn’t Stay There

Have you ever felt like your thoughts were safe up in your head because no one could hear them? That they didn’t really have an impact beyond the bubble that popped up as the thoughts pass consciousness?

If you’ve ever thought, “My business is never going to work”. Or, “I should just give up. I’ve put so much time and effort into this, and I’m not getting anything out of it. It will always be this way”.

Orrrrr, “I’m not good enough”?

You’re Normal

First off, you’re completely normal if some of those thoughts have taken your mind hostage for a few moments. Or, if any version of a limiting belief or thought has taken hold. With or without your conscious knowledge.

Business coaching

When you’re in business for yourself, Mama, there’s a whole other level of self-doubt, blocks, and resistance that you’re going to come up against.

It’s the nature of moving forward, growing and changing.

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your squishy mind looooooves to be comfortable. To know and understand your circumstances, and to be able to anticipate the future.

Do you think you have “certainty” and “familiarity” when you’re growing your business?

Uh, No. Not even close. So, what happens? Your subconscious mind freaks out because you’re stepping into circumstances that it doesn’t even KNOW how to handle.

You may have experienced some pretty gnarly “stop light” type thoughts. Like, “WHOA! This is NOT what I signed up for! Why doesn’t it feel good to work on my business? This probably means I should slow down (or change niches, or buy a new camera, or go back to school)”.

The insidious part of this is that your thoughts don’t stop there. They’re not a whisper of an idea that fades into nothingness.

Your thoughts create your reality.

You Are A Powerful Creator

There, I said it. If you’re constantly thinking that your business is failing, you’re not worthy of your dreams and that no one is interested in your offers, the world will order itself to prove you right.

Earlier on in my career as a Mompreneur, I would often have thoughts that completely sabotaged my growth. When I told someone how much it costs to work with me, my mind would be screaming, “No one will pay for this!”.

And, ya’ know what, not many people did.

What's in your head doesn't stay there

Sure, I had glimpses of success here and there when I got out of my own way, but my first few years were basically a minefield of crappy thoughts that kept me stuck.

The first step out of this place, that you may not have been conscious of until this moment, is to become aware of your thoughts.

To become aware of your thoughts is to have control over them. If you’re not aware of the thoughts you’re operating under in your business, THEY are driving YOU.

Would you hand the reigns over to someone else? To run your business? Would you step away completely and say, “Heck, whatever happens, happens. I’d much rather stay in the dark”.

I’m going to guess, Gorgeous. No? Ya’, that’s what I thought.

Becoming Aware

So, your homework for today is to tune into your thoughts. Take out a sheet of paper and write down the most dominant thoughts you’re having.

Then, take a look at them. Do you they support you in moving towards your goals? Do you they support a thriving business? Do they build you up or tear you down?

If you’re staring at that paper thinking, “Oh. my. gosh. My mind is a “Mean Girl”!”. You’re not alone.

And, you’ve just taken the first step towards changing it.

Comment below to join the conversation! What’s the biggest, loudest thought that you have right now about your business?






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2 thoughts on “What Happens In Your Head Doesn’t Stay There

  1. I have been hear g this time and again this month through different sources…thinking I need to pay attention. Thank you for encouragement!

    1. It’s my pleasure, Tauna! Isn’t it funny how when you really need to hear something, it starts showing up everywhere? That’s happened to me multiple times.

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