How To Go From Feeling Like Crap To Relieved In 3 Easy Steps

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Have you ever had a day that just felt…off? You got up to work on your business, but that familiar feeling of anxiety, fear or overwhelm sat down right next to you and refused to leave? Maybe your “partner in crime” has actually been an uninvited guest?

No one likes to feel bad. Some may be “comfortable” with it, because that’s their “normal” experience, but you never like staying in that place.

That’s why we want to have thriving businesses that impact others’ lives, make abundant income and allow us to be who we really are. We go after these things because of how we think they’ll make us FEEL.

So, what happens when you’re feeling the exact opposite of the way you desire to feel in your business? What if you feel more like an elephant is sitting on your chest rather than exhilarating freedom and joy?

Don’t worry, Love. You don’t have to stay in that place. There are a few things that help me snap out of a crappy feeling day and get back into empowered action in my business. Psssttt…that action may be taking a freakin’ nap as well. Rest IS a decision and an empowered action at times.

#1 - Change Your Environment

I don’t know about you, but when I get stuck in the house for days at a time, I start to go a little cabin-fever crazy. It becomes really easy to get sucked into my own little vortex and forget that the world’s still spinning and life is unfolding all around me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my alone time (introvert over here), but I greatly notice when I need to get out.

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On especially difficult days, I like to get out and go for a drive. We live by a lake, so I’ll travel to the North side of the lake with the windows down and my music blasted. Sometimes L, my Son, goes with me. The only thing that really affects is the volume of my music. Otherwise, we jam out together.

Why does this work? It serves as a pattern interrupter. When you’re in that “spin out” place, your mind is most likely stuck on one thought that’s creating that resistant and negative feeling. For instance, you may be thinking, “This will never work,” or, “I’m not good enough.”

How to put this into action? Get out of the house, Girlfriend! Just because you don’t work at a 9-5 doesn’t mean you don’t need to go get out in the sunshine, interact with others and de-compress.

#2 Identify The Initial Crap Thought

Our thoughts create our feelings, and our feelings create our actions. Feeling out-of-sorts, anxious, overwhelmed, sad or frustrated (to name a few)? There’s a thought that’s swirling in your mind that’s not serving you. Guaranteed.

I love to refer to a series of questions from the book Self Coaching 101 by Brooke Castillo to help uncover and identify the originating thought. Here’s a condensed version to get you started.

Ask yourself:

  • What thoughts are you having about your current situation or circumstance?
  • What are you making that mean? How does that make you feel?
  • What kind of action do you take when you feel that way?
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From the place of awareness and understanding, you’re able to choose something different! When we become spectators of our thoughts, they longer run us. You can reframe and take control of those that don’t move you towards the life and business you desire.

For example, let’s say you just put out a new offering, product or service. You’re excited to share it! But, when you do, no one jumps on it. You don’t hear any feedback, or make any sales, and you start to feel deflated and like a failure. The thought that keeps circling is, “I must be a failure, because no one likes what I created.”

From that negative feeling place, you stop promoting your new offer. You don’t ask people for their honest feedback, so that you can tweak it and present it again. You stop all action completely and retreat. You’ve essentially now created what you don’t want, which perpetuates the crap feelings.

Which brings me to the final strategy of this post.

#3 - Choosing Differently

Now that you’ve uncovered and are aware of what thought(s) are leading to the undesired feelings, and therefore actions, you can decide to think differently! Yes, that’s absolutely correct. You get to decide what “reality” you want to believe.

I like to ask myself, “Whats the truth here?”

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A lot of the time, the truth is pretty apparent. A simple way to distinguish the better feeling thought is simply to flip it. For example, if your crap thought is, “No one likes me or what I create,” then your empowered, better-feeling thought could be, “I am deeply loved, and I create incredible things.”

It doesn’t have to be complex. Often, all we need is a slight tweak in perspective to feel a little relief. And then you can reach for an even better feeling thought. And then another one. It’s a process that calls for gentleness and compassion for yourself.

We don’t get out of a bad place in our head by beating ourselves up. Got that? Read it again. Shame, blame and judgement have NO place between your ears. They’re simply stop signs to what you want, Love. Not the truth.

That’s all she wrote (for now!), Dearest. I’d love to hear from you! Answer this question in the comment section below - What makes you feel better when you’re feeling crappy in your business? Big or small, go ahead and join the conversation.

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