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Learn how to enroll your dream clients with confidence & soul

I know that feeling. The one where you’re tired of “convincing” or “persuading” someone to see the value in what you do. You wish they’d just sign up!

Here’s the thing, Love. You don’t need another proven system or process that you never put into practice. Or that you follow to a “T” but doesn’t work for you, and you’re stumped as to why!

It’s not that those systems are wrong. It’s that they’re incomplete. In order to accomplish anything in your business, you need the right inner belief system to back it up. I can help you crack that code so that you feel better and make more sales as a result.

If you...

  • Are sick of hit and miss sales and trying to "reel in clients"
  • Feel frustrated that you don't understand why some sales "work" and some don't
  • Hate having to convince someone that the value is greater than the price and "rebut their objections"
  • Wish that sales didn't make you feel like passing out or that you're being pushy and slimy
  • Want to have a free lifestyle that supports your Family, your dreams, and allows you to work within your passions
  • Feel like there's something missing from your sales process, but you're not sure what. You've tried many things, and still something feels like it's not working (Is it you?)
  • Desire to raise your prices and call in premium clients but aren't sure how to get them to "Yes!"
  • Hate the feeling of "needing to make a sale because your business is cash-poor"
  • Don't like being pressured into buying things, so you're reluctant to sell
  • Don't like your time wasted with tire-kickers and want to attract serious potential clients

You know you’re destined for amazing things, but you also know that you need to profit from your business or you’ll end up burnt out.

That was me too...

In the beginning, I struggled to make sales. I’d have hit and miss success, and I never knew why it worked or why it didn’t. All I knew is that the process and hearing “No” felt awful. It made me question if I was meant to do this work. Meant to be an entrepreneur. If all of the time, money, tears and heart put into it was all for nothing. 

When I did book clients, they were over the moon. They loved my services, and it felt amazing to serve and help. It finally felt GOOD. Then, there’d be months in between clients, and I’d question everything again. I’d have interviews and sales calls with potential client after potential client and nothing would come from it.

Then, almost overnight, that all changed. Through a combination of working on some inner beliefs that were keeping me from leading in the sales process (needing to be liked and being afraid of rejection to give you an idea) and learning an actual framework to take my potential clients through, I started making sales. 

I made five in a row, in fact. It blew my mind. It made my heart soar, and I thought that I might be able to make all of this work. Not just for the financial piece, but for myself. For my passion, desires, and freedom. 

Now I make sales and income each month, love connecting with potential clients (they even get goosebumps!), and have become a true CEO of my business.

What i see

I want you to be in business for a very, very long time. I want you to change lives with your work. I want you to expand, enjoy freedom, and leave a legacy for those who come after you. For the girls who get to step into your shoes.

With a solid sales process that doesn’t make you sacrifice your integrity, you can step into more income, more clients (or less that pay you more), and start getting ahead of the rat race.

here's what's possible for you

  • You book your first ever paying client! Officially bad a** status. You're ready for another!
  • You're making more sales than you ever have, and you just booked a cruise for you and your Honey to celebrate
  • You raise your rates and continue to sell! Now, you can actually decide the number of clients you want and still make the income you desire. Bye, burn out!
  • You have abundant income that you're able to sew back into your business in the form of outsourcing, Ads and easier systems so that you can work ON your business instead of IN it
  • You're able to afford childcare, monthly massages, giving to your favorite charity, and investing more in your future
  • You're not worried about where the money's going to come from or how to make it. You feel confident and at ease with yourself and your business

what's at risk?

What happens if you don’t embrace and learn sales? It might seem obvious, but… you don’t sell! Or, you do, but you struggle to raise your prices and stay at a consistently lower price for more months and years than you want to think about. Or, you make inconsistent sales and stay in the feast or famine cycle.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without sales, and I say this in all love (I’ve been there!), you have an expensive hobby.

You don’t have to be in complete desperation mode to benefit from learning about sales. As a matter of fact, sales happen from a place of abundance. Whether you’re a 4, 5, 6 or even 7 figure earner, you can benefit from growing in the area of sales.

Here's what you'll get

  • A repeatable process that won’t leave you guessing what to say or how to enroll premium clients​
  • An advanced, in-depth look at the "how" of sales - What will work for you and why (that you can easily apply to your own business)
  • A deep dive look at the inner most pieces of yourself that need to be released, reframed, and empowered, so that you carry strength and leadership into the sales process. If you feel not enough, scared to be rejected, or need to be liked this is for you!
  • You’ll be able to develop confidence in who you are, what you offer, and how you relay that in a way that has your potentials clients jumping up and down to work with you
  • And, you’ll have access to someone who’s been exactly where you’re at (me!) for that crucial troubleshooting and business specific questions

what if you had a process that could help you consistently enroll premium clients?

In this six-week, intensive online program, we’ll cover…

Step Up In Visibility & Into Your Power

You’ll receive my go-to strategies to help you uncover the most powerful version of yourself, tackle the “monsters under the bed” that keep you from taking action, and my top ways to be visible in your business, such as: social media, blogging, video, and personal connections.

The Numbers Game: Sales Leads

Sales is largely a numbers game, and if you don’t have enough leads coming in, you can’t practice sales! You’ll dive into my go-to strategies to bring in leads quickly. Yes, it takes guts. Yes, it takes you getting out of your comfort zone. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Convert Leads Into Sales Conversations: From Chatting To Talking Business

You’ll learn how to convert a lead into a sales conversation, on any medium. Leads are great, but if you don’t have the tools to turn them into a paying client, it won’t help. And, if you aren’t sure how to transition from chatting to talking business, this will help you a ton. Whether it’s in the grocery store line or on private messenger, this is an effective strategy.

The Inner Piece Of Sales

Believe it or not, sales is largely an inside job. We’ll cover the mindset necessary for you to build your confidence, stop that panic feeling, and learn to love sales by being excited to connect to your people and the impact you can have in their lives.

Your Step By Step Sales Call Flow

In this meaty module, I walk you through the transformational sales process step by step. You’ll walk away with a flow that can be practiced and repeated, as well as an in-depth break down of each and every part of the conversation. We’ll cover what happens before, during, and after a sales conversation to close your dream clients confidently. 

What Happens After “Sign me up!” Onboarding, & Long Game Thinking

Sales doesn’t stop at the “Yes.” We’ll dive into what happens after someone steps in with you so that you minimize refunds and foster a strong bond from the very beginning. Also, we’ll cover what happens if someone says, “No,” and how you continue to nurture that relationship.

ready to up-level your sales skills & close more clients?

Get in on the ground floor for half off the regular investment ($997). Enrollment closes 11:59 PM CT February 25, 2018

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To celebrate the maiden voyage of Prosperous Sales Secrets, you’ll receive six, hour-long group calls (one a week) to go over your questions, the material, and support you in the fullest way possible. Heck yes! PS – THIS is where the magic happens. 

“Jessica, you have taught me how to compassionately reach out to people with Joy & Love (“Selling is a Transfer of Feelings” – this stuck to me!!), which has increased my client numbers. Woohoo!” 

Before joining your team, I would have a photo shoot here & there, nothing to brag about, especially with the lack of confidence & knowledge. I ended up with 9 shoots. How impressive is that?!! My income level went from $80-$100 a month to nearly $1200 within that time. That would never had happened without you. You supported me with each & every step of the program. You have given me strength that I never knew I had, showed me the way through some struggles, & helped me dig deep to realize a few personal adjustments that needed to be made within myself. Priceless for sure. Thank you!



Your Private Facebook Community 

Join your Sales Soul Sisters in a private community where you can freely share your challenges, wins, and questions.

Ever hear that you’re the sum of the top five people you hang around? Join a built-in community of ambitious, loving Women just like yourself.

it's your time to receive more

Come just as you are. Let’s co-create a business that thrives instead of survives

as if it couldn't get any sweeter...

Bonuses that will rock your world

**Early Bird Bonus – Available When You Enroll Feb 19-21** 

1 – Thirty minute private call with Jessica Bodin

Normally reserved for private business coaching clients, you’ll have direct access to Jessica for your burning questions and business specific challenges in a more intimate setting. We’ll dive deep, so get ready!

Find Money Fast PDF

(Get The $ Flowing NOW)

In this guide, I show you some simple ways to call money into your life and business quickly, so that you get the flow going and start learning to receive more money NOW. After all, sales is a practice, and I don’t want you worrying about that next paycheck.

How To Raise Your Prices (Right Now!) – Cheat Sheet

Learn the factors that go into setting your pricing in a place that not only serves you but your clients at a high level (that I bet you didn’t know), and how you can change them right now.

Get More *Important* Stuff Done

The Busy, Feminine Entrepreneur’s Guide To Maximizing Your Time

Ready for more in your business but not exactly sure how you’ll handle it? You’re in good company. Learning how to maximize your time so that you’re able to have a business you love, as well as a life you love is no small task. This guide will get you on the right track.

All About Online Sales Pages with Stephenie Zamora – Guest Speaker

Interested in learning more about how online sales pages work, and how they can be used in tandem with your high-touch sales strategies? Discover the anatomy of a sales page and why so many fail with guest speaker and graphic designer, Stephenie Zamora. Complete with a DIY design guide and “write your own sales page” cheat sheet.

Build A Magnetic Website Training

Grab my in-depth training on how to build a magnetic website that actually brings in leads and builds your audience, so that you don’t pour your time and money into a website that doesn’t give you what you want…clients!

“Jessica helped me transform my doula business. With her advice I was able to step out of my comfort zone and take the necessary steps to take my doula business to the next level.”

I have made more money than I ever dreamed I could because I followed her advice, and my business is growing so quickly that I will be adding partners in the near future to serve with me. I have always loved my job, but now I’m discovering new ways to make it more effective, and I am more confident in the way I present it to my future clients. Needles to say, Jessica has been a wonderful asset to my doula business!


Hi! I'm jessica bodin

I’m a margarita lovin’, Free People wearin’, Texas Gal who’s down for a dance party…pretty much anytime. I have one Toddler and one on the way (a little girl!), and I work alongside my fellow-entrepreneur Husband.

Professionally, I coach passionate, driven Women Entrepreneurs who desire a free lifestyle and impactful, meaningful work that serves others. We work on the inner and outer aspects of making a dream business a reality.

My jam is marketing and sales, and I love the feeling that comes from hearing that my clients are signing new clients, feeling good again, and loving their business.

This is for you if...

  • You’re ready to be unstoppable towards your own success and put in the necessary (inner and outer) work to get results
  • You're a proven action taker who tries something out even if you're scared
  • You have a predominantly service-based, heart-centered business that helps make the world a better place
  • You know you have a big part to play in this world, and you’re ready to step into your biggest, fullest self

This is not for you if...

  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself and your business to grow
  • You’d rather sit on the sidelines than be in the game
  • You have no idea what your business is about or what you have to offer (no offers, programs, or services to practice selling)
  • You think that other people or circumstances are responsible for your success or failure

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you really don’t. This program will help you nurture the inner beliefs needed for you to make sales, as well as give you a proven transformational sales flow to follow that takes the guess work out of getting to “Yes” with your potential clients. What you do need though? To believe that it’s possible for you.

Oh, my! I wish I had access to this information when I first started out in business. It will absolutely help you, and you can start making sales right away! The only caveat? You have to have something to sell, or else you won’t be able to practice and get feedback.

Yes it will. If you’re looking to up-level your pricing, have a repeatable sales process that allows you to call in more income and leverage your gifts, this is for you.

If you’re in a predominantly service-based business that works one on one or in a group capacity with clients, this is perfect for you.

Right when you enroll, you’ll have access to Module 1. Instructions will be sent via email. Each week, a new module will be released. The flow is set this way so that you stay out of overwhelm and actually soak in and implement each piece for the best possible results.

This is a six-week, intensive training program, but you will have access to the private Facebook group and training modules for the life of the program. As long as this program is active, you’re in it, Babe!

Your weekly, live group calls will be held on Zoom (free to download) every Wednesday for six weeks at 11:00 AM Central Standard Time. Can’t make it live with us? No problem! Simply submit your question ahead of time, I’ll answer it live and send you the recording. That way, you still have access to my personal, real time answers.

Your investment in you for the Prosperous Sales Secrets six-week, intensive program is one payment of $497, or four monthly installments of $137. My intention is for you to make your investment back and more from the knowledge and skills gained during our time together. I firmly believe that, when motivated, anyone can find the money to cover an investment they feel called to in their heart. Putting fear aside and believing you are powerful!

Absolutely. If you’re not fully satisfied with this program, and you’ve put in the time and energy to give it your best shot, you are eligible for a full refund within 120 days of purchase. Because I strongly believe that this works if you put it into action, you’ll be required to submit your worksheets and any call recordings or post sales conversation notes you take.

Enrollment for our kick-off round ends February 25, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time. The following rounds will be at the full investment level – $997.

have more questions before you step in?



A Little About Her: Rachelle owns a social media management and website solutions company, that she launched in 2017. She’s a Mom of three, serves her clients alongside her Husband and works from her home office.

The Challenge: When Rachelle came to me, she had established a steady client list, but she was charging bottom dollar and burnt out on time and money. She was unsure about how to raise her income and limit the number of hours she spent working every day, so she could give time to her Family and taking care of herself. She felt disorganized, overwhelmed and afraid to have anyone dislike or be angry with her.

The Solution: We immediately began working on her process of onboarding new clients, upgrading and making clear the systems she used to keep everything organized, refining her current services and re-aligning her pricing so that it felt exciting and fulfilling to sell to both her and her clients. On the inner-side, we uncovered beliefs that stemmed from circumstances in her past that led her to be afraid to be herself and worked with tools to help her release and clear them.

The Result: She now has a concrete way to market, sell and onboard new clients. She’s put multiple new systems in place to stay organized, and no longer feels unclear about how to manage her clients. She’s upped the investment for her current clients, doubled the investment of her website creation service and secured multiple new clients at her new rates. She’s been able to add a part-time employee to help manage the workload and has new opportunities coming her way consistently. She continues to grow and lead within her power and without apology.

Rachelle Ugalde | Social Media Manager & Web Designer

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