How To Make An Easy Physical Change For More Sales

Make more sales Women Entrepreneur

Are you ready to start making sales that feel GOOD within your business? Here's a tactic that requires zero money and that you can do, literally, anywhere. 

Picture This

I want you to picture something with me right now. Imagine someone who is deeply depressed sitting in front of you (trust me for a second here).

What do you they look like? How are they sitting? What's the general vibe you get?

Now, erase that image from your mind. Picture this. A super successful Woman is standing before you. Let's say Oprah, Beyonce or Marie Forleo. 

How are they standing? What does their face look like? What general impression are you getting?

Bingo, Love. Can you see where I'm going with this?

Make more sales Women Entrepreneur

Our Bodies Matter

We are spiritual, deep beings in physical form. Our bodies absolutely have an affect on what's happening in and around us!

When we feel fearful, full of doubt, shame or guilt...we hold ourselves that way. Our physical bodies bend to match the color of our thoughts.

When we feel powerful...same thing. We hold our head higher, our shoulders are up and back and our chests are open. We smile more readily and our gaze is steady.

So, next time you're going into a sales conversation and maybe you DO actually have doubts, I want you do this for me.

Make sales Women Entrepreneur

Here's What You Can Do

Get up out of that flipping chair. Throw your arms to the sky. Jut your chest out. Put your shoulders up and back and let your gaze burn with intensity.

The simple act of changing your physicality can (and will!) change how you feel. Do this as often as necessary. Not only does this help in sales, but it can be practiced whenever you're struggling in your business.

You are infinitely powerful, Dearest. Hold yourself like the Queen you are. 

Now, I'd be delighted to hear from YOU. How do you hold yourself during sales conversations? What's your biggest challenge when it comes to sales? Share in the comments below.



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