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The One Thing I Do To Keep Momentum In Business

I bet you’ve heard about “momentum” in business. And, that it’s a good thing to have, right? So, how do you achieve momentum?

Momentum…driving force, energy, power.

I’ve experienced periods of my time in my business that have had very few “big” wins. Especially during transition periods. Adding new offers, phasing out old ones and generally trying to figure out the “right” steps forward.

During those times, I found it can be super difficult to find and keep the momentum going when you aren’t seeing “quantifiable” results yet.

Here is the single biggest way that I’ve found momentum. This helps even during the times when you’re working as hard as you can, but you haven’t achieved your end goal yet.

Celebrate. Every. Win.

And, I mean EVERY win. Wrote a blog post? Celebrate. Worked on your website? Celebrate. Had an interview, consultation or sales pitch (EVEN if you didn’t secure it)? Celebrate. Stood up to your fear of visibility and posted anyway? Celebrate.

The very nature of continuing to take action is the one precursor I have to what deems a celebration or not.

Some days, you may only be able to do something small. But, the attitude and energy of celebrating wins actually can give you steam to take more small actions.

Small actions made consistently over time lead to big changes.

Where your focus goes, energy flows. (Thanks, Tony)

So, my thought is, the more you celebrate, the more things that will manifest in your business and life that’s worth celebrating!

With that level of energy, what kind of action do you think you’ll continue to take in your business?

Bingo. Now you’ve got it. You’ll start (and continue) to take action. Which, of course, is the precursor to big results.

So, Love, I encourage you to celebrate even the smallest things that you do in your business. Even the little things take courage. What’s something you can celebrate RIGHT NOW? Comment below and let me know!






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