Simple Exercise to Nix Your Fear in Business

Limitless. Powerful. Brave. Expansive.

I’m talking about you, Gorgeous. There are things inside of, quiet (yet strong) things, that get masked by fear.

Fear of failure. Fear of being “found out”. Fear that people are laughing at you, or that you might look stupid. Fear that doesn’t have a name or direction. Does any of this sound familiar?

When does your fear crop up?

Let me guess…when you’re going after something you want…BAD. When you need to speak up. When you have to be visible. When you need growth but that requires something new and uncomfortable from you.

A Simple Exercise

I want to give the gift of a simple exercise that’s “talked me off the ledge” many-a-time. When fear felt like it was choking me. When I could literally see, hear and taste the pointing fingers and laughter.

Let me ask you…How big are your dreams?

If you can’t answer this question, Love, we need to go back a few steps. But, if you CAN and they’re BIG, this exercise will work perfectly for you.

When It Happened

It started when I was on my way to an OBGYN’s office, with multiple OBGYN’s on staff, to do a lunch and learn about my postpartum doula services. I picked up the food and was on track for the hospital.

My heart was racing, my feet started sweating, and I felt crazy dizzy.

Then….I realized something. As if I’d been struck by lightning.

My BIG goal of:

  • Nurturing and loving on new Mamas
  • Making a difference in what can be the hardest transition in a person’s life
  • Being a successful, confident business Woman
  • Being a leader for my family (by helping us blast school loans)

….all of those things held actual weight in my life. My potential embarrassment, failure, or any other equally “scary” scenario I was making up in my head did. not. matter.

Not in the slightest. Because, when I compared that moment of fear to what I would lose if I didn’t step up, there was no question.

I would step up. Lean in. Each and every time I’m called to. Why?

Not because I’m some sort of special person, but because I’m way more afraid of losing the Woman I’m becoming than what fear tells me will happen.

Wage War on Fear

So, Dearest One, the next time fear looks you dead in the face and tells you can’t do something, I want you to remind it of the all the things that are more important than it.

Step back, Fear. I have arrived.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Have you had a situation where you conquered your fear, and what do you think helped you do so? Comment below to join the conversation, Doll.



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