Short professional bio:

Jessica is a business coach that helps Mompreneurs build a business and life that gives them freedom and flexibility. She began her journey as an entrepreneur roughly four years ago. At that time, she began blogging and taking images professionally. She naturally gravitated towards Moms, specializing in maternity, birth and newborn photography. Shortly after, she became pregnant and had her Son. She found that the special challenges of Moms during that time needed deeper connection than her camera allowed, leading her to invest in birth and postpartum doula training. She then offered services that combined her unique talents of photography and doula work. Over the time of her own business evolving, other business owners began to come to her for advice regarding their own businesses, receiving incredible transformations of their own. She then decided to take her business completely online, now serving Mompreneurs with her unique skill set, acquired from years of building her business and countless trainings and mentorships invested in.


Jessica has completed the following training:

  • The Business Mastery Certification with Jessica Nazarali
  • Platinum Program Secrets with Elizabeth Purvis
  • Newborn Mothers Certification and private mentorship with  Julia Jones
  • Product Launch Formula with Jeff Walker
  • The Copy Cure with Marie Forleo
  • Biz Revamp with Rachel Brenke
  • Pricing and Sales for Photographers with Julia Kelleher
  • Getting It Done With Ease: The Business Acceleration Bootcamp with Amira Alvarez
  • The Art of Feminine Magic with Elizabeth Purvis
  • The Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield-Thomas

…and more!


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