Do you know how your big ambition & gratitude can easily coexist?

How gratitude and ambition can coexist in your business

Have you ever been driving down the road, and a super sleek and roomy car whizzes past you? Your thoughts leap to, “Whoa, that’s nice. I bet she doesn’t have any issues getting the stroller out of THAT trunk”. Then, almost in the next heartbeat, you feel bad for not being grateful for what you have.

We’re no longer teenagers and little sporty cars aren’t exactly on the menu. It’s all about the mom-mobile with heated seats, extra cup holders and enough space to fit groceries, baby gear, soccer practice bags and stuff for a road trip with three kids. (If it smells like new leather, who are we to argue?)

ambition and gratitude for mompreneur

Is Wanting More Bad?

I know this car analogy is a little weird but hang with me. In this life, there’s this belief and cultural norm that wanting more is BAD (like that luxury SUV). That if you have big plans, dreams, and desires for your life you’re not grateful. How could you be? You want THAT!

I see this translate to business often, and it can be a source of frustration and confusion for Mompreneurs.

Here’s how it can show up:

  • Not owning your desire to make 5, 6, 7…even 8 figures with your business
  • Feeling like you only want a “little” success…enough for a little extra spending money. But nothing crazy. You don’t “need” all of that
  • Feeling guilty or bad when you realize that you DO want that nice car, designer wardrobe or decadent vacation
  • Finding it hard to “ask” for money when in sales conversations or pricing your services and/or products
  • Convincing yourself that anything less than your true desire is OK
  • Feeling awful when you feel jealous or envious of what someone else has that you want as well (Yes – jealousy can actually show you where you need to go or lean in, not that you can’t have that)
  • Suppressing big dreams or desires because it would make you ungrateful for what you have

Do any of these ring a bell for you? If they do, you’re totally normal. I used to struggle with this very question…How do gratitude and ambition coexist? How can we crave more, go after more and still remain “content” with what we have?


Can Gratitude & Ambition Coexist?

That question created a tug of war in my mind for most of my life. “Am I wrong to want this?”.

The reality of the situation is that we are made to grow and become MORE. It’s in our nature to create, to learn and to expand. If we aren’t growing, we’re dying. And, everyone’s “more” looks a bit different.

ambition and gratitude for mompreneur

Creating your more doesn’t actually come from a place of “not enough”. Reaching your goals in your life and business (like that 6 figure month, Mama) actually births out of gratitude for what you currently have! And, to go a step further, gratitude for what you WILL have as if it’s already here. (Hint: It is because you desire it)

So, Love, they’re not mutually exclusive. One actually needs the other. How can you create more if you don’t appreciate what you have? It’s super, super hard to do.

ambition and gratitude for mompreneur

Try These On For Size

I like to do a few things to integrate the two ideas in my mind.

  1. I like to walk around my house and express gratitude for everything my hands touch as I pass by (as well the people in it). I like to take it a step further sometimes and say WHY I’m grateful for it. It’s an effective way to combat that “not enough” feeling or guilt about my big, crazy, decadent dreams.
  2. I like to get quiet and imagine what that Woman feels like that already has the things she desires. Who IS that 8 figure Woman? How does she act in the world? How does it feel to have a house on the land, by the ocean, that has a big garden with fresh vegetables growing? How does it feel to wake up and have the freedom to go on a road trip with my family without needing to consult the budget first? I figure out how SHE feels and express gratitude for everything as if I currently have it in my life.ambition and gratitude for mompreneur

To wrap us up, this is the big takeaway I want you to hold onto and consider. It is natural and perfect that you desire MORE out of your life and business, and the way to actualize your “more” is to express gratitude for what you currently have, as well as what you desire (like it’s already here).

And, I’d love to hear from you! Do you struggle with owning your desires? And, how do you express gratitude? Comment below, Gorgeous. Also, if you feel drawn to share, please click one of the share buttons below to spread the love.







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