Do you have big dreams and goals for your business and life, but you’re not sure of the right "next steps" to get you where you want to go?

My name is Jessica Bodin, and I'm a business coach to passionate, ambitious Women who want to squeeze every drop out of this life and live with abandon and joy. *Yes!*

Your business is an extension of who you are: Your beliefs, the stories you make up about your place in this world and your inner-most thoughts and feelings.

I help you get results in your business, like: new clients, increased income, a free lifestyle and rapid growth. That's not the whole story, though. 

Here’s what we're going to do:

  • You will be inspired to take action on the strategic things that move your business forward
  • You will 3X (at MINIMUM) your progress in my private coaching container than going this journey alone
  • Stop throwing away your gifts on “shadow careers” or tasks in your business that don’t gain results (Yes, biz owners can focus on busy work that doesn't move the needle AT ALL)
  • You will be given the tools to self-identify the thoughts and feelings that cause you stay small and not step fully into your place as the leader of your life and business
  • A clear plan of action that encompasses every part of you (your thoughts AND actions)
  • No-nonsense, strategic mentorship that not only gives you actionable steps forward but helps to uncover WHY you’re having the experience you’re having in the first place (Ex: WHY you feel like hiding, or why you sabotage every sales call)

YOU are the greatest indication of "success" or "failure" in your business. Yes, sometimes there may be a gap in practical knowledge and business strategies. I help with those too, but...

My style of coaching does not skim the surface. 

If you’ve ever woke up feeling irritable, upset and wondering if your business was ever going to really take off and give you that freedom and flexibility that you’re actually looking for, as well as the financial reward for the work that you’re doing and how you’re serving people, then I have something really amazing for you.

Not only will your business become more successful, but, as a result of our work together, who you are as a person will be brought out in more depth. You will be able to shine brighter, be more visible and show up in your life as you truly are.

Let’s talk about how we can move you boldly towards those dreams. Even the ones you’ve never spoken to anyone before. Book your complimentary Dream Actualization Session today and find out what's truly possible for you and your business.

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