Discover my proven sales strategies to go from struggling to making sales with integrity & grace.

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No pushy, sleazy or “used care salesman” tactics here. You can be the loving person that you are and still make the sale (in your power!).

These three training videos include:

My go-to sales lead generation tactic that doesn’t break the bank (and is high converting)

What to do to avoid hearing crickets from people, being ignored or skipped over for someone else in your industry

The one thing that your sales conversation needs to make more sales (that I bet you’re not doing)

"Jessica, you have taught me how to compassionately reach out to people with Joy & Love ("Selling is a Transfer of Feelings" - this stuck to me!!), which has increased my client numbers. Woohoo! Before joining your team, I would have a photo shoot here & there, nothing to brag about, especially with the lack of confidence & knowledge. I ended up with 9 shoots. How impressive is that?!! My income level went from $80-$100 a month to nearly $1200 within that time. That would never had happened without you. You supported me with each & every step of the program. You have given me strength that I never knew I had, showed me the way through some struggles, & helped me dig deep to realize a few personal adjustments that needed to be made within myself. Priceless for sure. Thank you!"


I’m offering this for free, because it’s your time to step up and lead within the sales conversation. But, don’t let the “free” part fool you. It’s worth its weight in gold.

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