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Why Intentional Rest Can Boost Productivity

Sometimes taking time out for rest can feel like torture. You can squeeze one more email in, one more consultation, one more call.

It never feels like enough, does it?

That can be true if that’s the internal dialogue that’s going on in your head. “One more XYZ and I can take time to relax”.

Ya’, when pigs fly! Right?

What Is Intentional Rest

Intentional rest is an activity (like meditation, a bubble bath, going to bed early) that is executed intentionally.

You make a decision to fill your tank when it’s getting low. Even better, you decide that you’re going to infuse your life with little moments of rest so that it doesn’t hit rock bottom before you decide to refuel.


Because rest boosts your productivity.

Tell me, how do you feel when you’ve only gotten a few hours of sleep? When you only take a three minute shower? When you rush off to the next “thing” that has to be done? When you have to go the bathroom so bad but ignore it, because everything is else is more important than…well, you?

That kinda’ sucks. And, I totally get it. I’m the queen of pushing my mind and body to the limits, on the regular.

Sleep Makes A Huge Difference

For instance, if you are constantly staying up late to binge watch your favorite TV show and then getting up bright and early to start your day, you’re not giving your mind and a body a chance to repair from the previous day.

When you sleep, and I mean the deep sleep we all need, your mind works through emotional baggage from the day before. It also dumps toxic byproducts that may lead to Alzheimers.

On the physical side of things, when you sleep deeply, your body is regulating hunger hormones, pumping out growth hormones and cementing new memories and information.

Sounds a bit important to functioning at your best, doesn’t it?

Doing Restful Things Helps Too

So many of us, especially women in business with a gazillion things going on, are operating in the stress zone most of the time.

Your stress hormones are engaged, which can deteriorate your mind and body if constantly being subject to them. When you’re stressed, it can jack up your hormone production (among many other things) and literally age your organs.

When you participate in things that reduce stress hormones and relax for a moment, you give your body a chance to operate as it should.

So, Who Cares?

I know you’re a high performer. I know you want to make a difference in the world. And, I’m betting if “intentional resting” was a class, you’d probably get a D. Well, maybe a C? 😉

I also know that when you burn the candle at both ends you’re not going to be much use to anyone.

Things like memory, the flow of creativity, and your ability to make good decisions stem from rest.

Make It a Priority

As you jump into whatever new projects you have, or income goals, or personal desires, be sure to take your hand off the throttle, regularly, for rest.

You’ll be able to get more done, quicker and more efficiently, with the use of a rested mind and body.

Now I’d love to hear from you! What are some things you do that really help you unwind? What did you take away from this post? Comment below to join the conversation.






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