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How to Get Your Partner On Board With Your Business

Do you ever find yourself struggling to help your partner understand your business and get on board with it? I’ve chosen this topic specifically with your relationship in mind, and how it may play out in your business.

Having your partner’s support is something every gal craves. Support in all of your goals! In who are you and what you love. It can build you up, or, without it, can make it really hard to move forward.

Think of that time you tried to diet, and your partner kept bringing home take out? Because you “do life” with your partner, being out of alignment with him or her can have a big impact on your success. In business (or not eating that stuffed crust pizza). 😉

So, today, I’m going to lay out a few reasons why your partner may not be supportive of your business and what you can do to shift that.

Note: I’m not talking about trying to change your partner. We both know that kind of thinking ends up in frustration.

After polling my Husband, and considering quite a few conversations I’ve had with Gals in business, I created a bit of a troubleshooting guide for you.

Here are some of the top reasons why your partner may not feel supportive of your biz:

  • Not giving something your all that’s been invested in. Daniel’s (my Hubby) example was that if we were to invest in a course for me and my business, and then I never “opened the book”, that would make him feel less supportive of future investments (and pretty frustrated).
  • If you’re working all of the time, with no breaks, and your partner is picking up all of the slack. For instance, you worked all day and then came home and worked all night, leaving your partner with kitchen duty, diaper duty, bath duty and dog duty. Lots of duty going on here…
    • Daniel’s only caveat to this was if he was a stay-at-home Dad. He claims he’d be totally comfortable if I brought home the (abundant) bacon, and he did all the household-y things. (Ummm, OK!)
  •  Not understanding “mindset” issues. Thinking a task should be simple and easy, when in fact it’s a mindset minefield for us Gals. Upper limits, resistance, sabotage…whaaaaat?
  •  Last, but not least, and certainly the biggest that I see is…wasting resources. Wasting time or money is a big one when it comes to having a partner that doesn’t support you. But, WAIT, it’s not that you actually DO waste time or money, it’s that your partner may not understand what you’re doing.

Let’s help your partner out here, Gorgeous!

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Here are some ways that may help your partner understand your actions in business, and therefore be more likely to support you. It’s worth a try, eh?

  • Do a budget together. Get really clear on exactly what’s going on with your money, so that your partner (and you) feels super comfortable telling each dollar where to go. And, of course, some of those dollars can be allocated to your business. In Daniel’s words, it lets him know “You’re going to be OK”.
  • Schedule your work time out in a way that your partner can see it. That way, they know what to expect from you. This is especially important if you work from home.
    • When I have a rest day on the calendar, Daniel reminds me to put. my. laptop. away. and enjoy my time. On the flip side, when I have a full work day scheduled, he feels way less inclined to be upset that he’s stuck with all of the dishes (and every other nighttime task).
  • Show your partner your goals for your business, and your plan to reach them. For example, sit your partner down and say, “Babe, I know we’ve been investing a lot in my business, and that you’ve been a bit worried about that. But, here’s how we’re going to make it back and start to really profit for my business”. It might be nice to throw in, “And, once I reach my goal, you can bet your sweet butt we’ll be getting you that Apple watch you’ve had your eye on”.
  • The last tip, that Daniel really wanted me to tell you, is that he (and others) really like to know exactly how they can help you. No guessing, but cold, hard facts about what he can do that will be the most helpful and supportive of me and my business goals.

We’ve had more than one talk about this, can you tell?

Well, there you have it, Lovely. What do you think? Would some of the tactics help you and your partner? Why or why not? Comment below to join the conversation.



Get instant access to my free video sales course!

I cover my top strategy to gain leads (even on a budget), what to do to keep from hearing crickets and the number one thing you need to be doing to close a sale (that I bet you didn’t know!).

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