These are the top 5 mistakes every Mompreneur makes

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

Do you own your own business, Mama?

I remember when I caught the fever. I can still feel the excitement and starry-eyed giddiness I felt when I realized that…OMG! I can have my own business! Which means no more answering to a boss, I could work from home in my pajamas and be able to snuggle my Son all day long.

It seemed completely magical. And, I was learning photography, so I had something I could start creating right away!

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

It was a great moment for me. But then most moments after that were a mix of stress, excitement and wondering why things weren’t going like I planned. Why it was taking SO LONG to truly profit from all of the work I was putting in. (Yea, I felt like quitting a few times)

If you’re like me, you’re in business for yourself because you want to write your own story. You want more freedom and flexibility that fits your title of “Mother” AND allows you to have something for yourself.

We want to have our cake and eat it too. Sound familiar? *digs into a piece of pineapple upside-down cake*

If you’re reading this and thinking, “Yes! That’s me!”, I want you to keep reading with an open heart and mind. Because, I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did. Ya’ know, the ones it took me years to learn and overcome.

Mistake #1: Buying into the belief that being your own boss is “easier”

I know being an entrepreneur is romanticized to an incredible degree. It’s so sexy to not have to worry about being fired, showing up to work on time or putting on a bra. OK, the bra part IS awesome. But, the truth is that being your own boss takes discipline, a bit of stubbornness and a lot of determination.

You can’t start a business and not have boundaries, set times to work and accountability to your goals. For sustainable growth, you actually need to operate a bit like you did back in your 9-5 job.

What does that look like? Intentional time for your business. Taking your business seriously. Respecting what you do. And, if you’re not doing that right now, it’s time to fix this “mistake” and get moving forward in a more powerful way.

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

Mistake #2: Thinking that you don’t have to “sell”

Oh. My. Gosh. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve seen a Mompreneur dodge sales like the plague, I’d be a pretty abundant chic. Well, more abundant. 😉 On a serious note, it’s a fatal mistake to think that you don’t have to actually sell when you’re in business for yourself. Sales is the lifeblood of your business.

If you hate it, reject it, think you “suck at sales” or push it away, your ability to stay in business over the long run (and actually have that freedom and flexibility you desire) will be crippled considerably.

If you’re posting passively on Facebook and Instagram and never asking or telling people how they can work with you, it’s time to change that. OK, Love? Embrace sales. And, I teach Mompreneurs how to do it with integrity. (Pretty cool, right?)

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

Mistake #3: Thinking that you’re not enough

I know you’re sitting here thinking, “How does that affect my business? I don’t have that problem”. This is actually one of the most sneaky and debilitating beliefs I see Mompreneurs have. And, it’s a total business killer. KILLER. I can’t bold or italicize that enough.

If you’re operating in your business from a place of thinking you’re somehow flawed, that you don’t measure up or that you aren’t worth your customers paying a beautiful amount for, it could (IS) killing your business. Why?

Because, when you have this underlying belief that you yourself aren’t good enough, you don’t show up like you need to on a sales call. You may sabotage yourself when meeting potential clients or networking connections. You might not speak the truth when you need to or trust yourself to make the right decisions.

Do you find yourself telling a potential client how much your XYZ costs and freaking out? I invite you to dig into this. Do you have this belief? If so, it’s time to choose something different. I know that you’re POWERFUL. You have worth. It’s time to believe it.

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

Mistake #4: Thinking that prioritizing your business means you’re an “unloving” Mom

Like I said earlier, I’ve made all of these mistakes myself. I’ve sat there, tears running down my cheeks, thinking that in order to be truly successful in my business, I’d have to sacrifice my close, intentional relationship with my Son and Husband.

If you’re sitting there thinking that the success of your business means the destruction of your family, how hard do you think you’re going to work to make your business successful? My guess is not very hard. You may even sabotage your own efforts out of fear.

The flip here? That taking intentional time out for yourself and your business is modeling positive behaviors for your kiddos. It’s modeling that a Woman CAN go after her dreams, help the world and do so with grace and ease.

The big takeaway is to step out of either/or thinking. This is an “and more” situation. You can have a successful business AND a loving, impactful relationship with your children. It’s all about choice and setting aside time for both things.

Top 5 Mistakes Every Mompreneur Makes

Mistake #5: Not speaking your ideal client’s language

A lot of times Mompreneurs get caught up in what they’re offering and can’t see the forest for the trees. You have to speak to your potential client in a way that actually resonates with them! You can’t be selling “mindfulness” without somehow connecting your audience to what it is they’ll receive from working with you.

So, to continue our example, does “mindfulness” give your clients relief from severe anxiety? Help them build a stronger, more loving relationship with their partner? Not punch their boss? Stop having rage fits in traffic? Do you see how that works?

Sure, you may know what you do and how it helps people, but you have to put it in terms that your ideal client relates with and WANTS. If you don’t do this, you’re most likely hearing crickets when you speak about your offer.

Did you see yourself in some, or all, of these mistakes? That’s OK, Gorgeous. You’re in the perfect place to grow and create the life and business you deeply desire. The first step is being aware of what’s unconsciously driving you. The second is to choose differently. Get cut throat with your beliefs and kick the ones that aren’t working for you out the door.

Now, I’d love to hear from you! Which mistake stuck out the most to you? And, what do you want to think or do instead? Comment below, Mama.






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2 thoughts on “These are the top 5 mistakes every Mompreneur makes

  1. Mmmm, so good Jessica! I have definitely struggled with each of these. Are you trying to tell me that just posting on social media wont have people flocking to me? haha! I’m glad you have taught me SO MUCH about sales.

    1. Thank you, Anna! You’re certainly not alone in struggling with these. *raises hand* I’ve been there, Girl. It’s been my pleasure to work with you and get you ROCKING your sales. <3

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