Need more money, Mompreneur? Here’s 28 ways to make it now.

I know it can often feel like you’re working and working and working in your business with nothing to show for it (yet). You’re sitting there, trying new tactics and reaching out and having sales calls. And, sometimes you’re still not making what you want to make. But what if you could call in money in other ways?

To ease up some of the pressure. To get used to receiving money. To see the boundless possibilities that lie right under your nose.

I often see Moms in business that hook their minds on their business and ignore other ways to make money. And, if that stream of income is suffering or blocked, there’s a lot of pain that can happen.

Make money Mompreneur

ESPECIALLY when you hang all of your hopes on one specific channel of money. I hear a lot of, “I don’t have the money,” and “I can’t afford that” pop out of biz owners’ mouths. I’ve said it myself! Many-a-time in the past.

Opportunity Everywhere

Here’s the truth. The average Millionaire has roughly 7 different streams of income. They’re not “rich” from one specific thing. Their BEHAVIOR around money is that they’re open to whatever way it wants to flow into their life. They look for and see opportunity everywhere.

That’s what I want for you. The awareness that making money can actually be simple! And, that opportunities to call it in are all around you, Gorgeous. Yes, I want you to be successful in your business. And, yes, I know that you can create a LOT of income from your biz. But that’s not the whole kit n’ kaboodle!

Mompreneur's make money

Here’s a few to get you started. This list is by no means all-inclusive, and your specific talents and gifts can influence how you call in money. Feel free to print this out and add to it!

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28 Ways to Call Money In Right Now

  1. Throw a Garage Sale
  2. Have a declutter day (of your whole house, Babeh) and make a “sale” pile – sell on eBay, Facebook, Craigslist, LetGo, etc **Bonus points for speciality items, electronics, gear (Save those clothes for the Garage Sale)**
  3. Clean houses
  4. Walk dogs (hit up condos and apartment complexes!)
  5. Pet sit
  6. House sit
  7. Apply for seasonal or part-time work at a local business
  8. Run a promotion for your product or service
  9. Ask for referrals from your current clients or people that have purchased in the past
  10. Personally reach out to people and invite them into what you offer
  11. Send previous buyers a discount code or incentive to purchase again
  12. Babysit
  13. Mow lawns
  14. Love to cook? Meal prep for a busy family
  15. Wash and detail cars
  16. Run errands for the elderly or a busy Mom
  17. Use your skills to apply for contract work on Upwork
  18. Get out there, and be visible! Make a post about working with you and make sure you put a call to action (message me!)
  19. Go on a scavenger hunt – take a look at your monthly expenses and make a budget, cut all unnecessary spending, cancel memberships you don’t use and call your phone company to negotiate a lower rate. Start telling your money where to go!
  20. Make a challenge for yourself to not eat out for a whole week – make a special envelope and put all money that would’ve been spent eating out in it
  21. Start tracking your money, get used to seeing money come in and expressing gratitude for it
  22. Make a habit of checking your bank accounts daily and expressing gratitude for what’s in there and checking out your spending habits (the ostrich head in the sand doesn’t work here, Gorgeous)
  23. Imagine money coming to you, in both expected and unexpected ways (it’s time to nix your “never enough” feeling with money)
  24. Sell items your kiddos have grown out of or no longer find entertaining – get them involved! Making money can be fun 🙂
  25. Start putting money in savings on a regular basis. Even if it’s five dollars a week! Start small and build from there
  26. Look at your business expenses and any reoccurring bills. What can be cut? What tools can be utilized more effectively? Combined? Negotiated? Make a goal to reduce expenses by 10%
  27. Swap meat-based meals for a few meatless ones each week
  28. Avoid the center aisles of the grocery store (that’s where you spend more!)

Get Into Action 

Do you feel empowered to create some money for yourself right now? I hope so! And, while its “simple,” it’s not always “easy”. That squirrel-y thing in between your ears likes to complicate things. Do me a favor? Pick a number and do it today. Show your mind what’s possible.

I’d love to hear from you, Gorgeous! 1 – Which number do you want to try today? And, 2 – How much money do you want to call in right now? Comment below to join the conversation.







Get instant access to my free video sales course!

I cover my top strategy to gain leads (even on a budget), what to do to keep from hearing crickets and the number one thing you need to be doing to close a sale (that I bet you didn’t know!).

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