The Dirty Truth About Going For Your Beloved Dreams In Business

The dirty truth about going for your dreams in business

Have you ever heard some incredible story of a Gal in business that was eating Ramen and in gobs of debt? Then, in six short months, she started making multiple 6 figures in her business, paid off all her student loans and shopping spree debt and lived happily ever after in her new house surround by well-mannered children? *insert eye roll*

OK, I made that up. But, as a Woman in business, you’re most likely SURROUNDED by these kinds of stories. The rags to riches. The struggling to thriving (in 3 easy steps!). The sad and lonely to loved and married.

Dirty truth about going for your dreams in business

What people DON’T tell you is how freaking hard the transition is. I don’t care if you have fail-proof systems, the best mentor around (and, I have one), or fully supportive friends and family.

Creating The Life You Want Takes Work

Change is hard. Creating a new life is hard. Re-programming your mind for abundance and success takes WORK. You’ve been unconsciously thinking and operating under beliefs that have created…well, what you don’t want!

And no one likes to talk about that.

Well, here I am, talking about it. Right now, Daniel (my thoughtful Hubby) and I are in the transition period. We’re not at the beginning of our story anymore, but we’re also not exactly where we want to be.

The dirty truth about going for your beloved dreams in business

We can see it, feel it and even taste it sometimes. We’re so. freaking. close. But, it’s not “here” yet.

I peeked at Daniel over my coffee the other morning, took another bite of my home-made breakfast sausage ball and had a revelation.

I said, “Honey, we’re IN our story right now. The one we’re going to tell others to let them know what’s possible. To give hope and inspiration and motivation for people to go after their dreams with every breath in them”.

Owning Your Story

What if we owned our story? ESPECIALLY the sticky parts in the middle? Brené Brown likes to call that Act 2. At the beginning of the story, or Act 1, it’s often exciting. It’s easy. You haven’t come up against true conflict yet. Then, in Act 2, that’s where you’re too far in to turn back, but you can’t see the end yet. And, the conflict has hit full force.

The dirty truth about going for your beloved dreams in business

It’s difficult, and it’s messy. So, how can we hold onto the “end” when we can’t see it? Or, when things get so topsy-turvy we’re not sure why we took this path in the first place?

All About Trust

For us, it’s all about trust. We trust that God has our back (you might call this The Universe, or Source, or Goddess). And, we hold our desires so deeply in our hearts that they burn with fierce, hot orange light.

We KNOW that our 7 and 8 figure businesses are here now, we just have to build them. We know that our freedom lies in this space, we just have to continually call it in. We know there’s enough money. There’s ample time to love on family and friends and still grow our businesses.

The dirty truth about going for your dreams in business

We know this. We hold onto it with every breath in us.

So, Gorgeous, fire-eating Mompreneur, you may be in the middle of your story. Things may not look like you want them to know right now. But, I want you to know that that’s OK. You’ll get there. Keep taking steps forward.

And, I want to hear from you! What’s the one thing that keeps you going when things get tough? Comment below.







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2 thoughts on “The Dirty Truth About Going For Your Beloved Dreams In Business

  1. Yess! Great motivation just what I needed to read. Im not a mompreneur but i a fempreneur and seeing others who are doing it bigger gets a little discouraging. But i know it is possible. Thanks jess!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, Jessica! Yes, it can be disheartening to be comparing your “middle” with someone else’s “end”. It’s absolutely possible for you to reach your “end” as well. <3

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