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The Raving Fan & The Harsh Critic

Have you ever received an email with glowing praise from a member of your tribe, and then turned around and found a scathing comment on one your social media posts? The same day, almost the same breath, and two completely different experiences.

They Have Two Things in Common

1) They both have the ability to evoke an emotional response in you. One makes you feel proud of your business and good about the work you’re doing. Joyful and ecstatic, even. The other can make you feel angry, ashamed, fearful and like hiding.

2) And, on the other hand, they’re both really strong reactions from your audience. Passionate responses, you might say.


It’s All About Statistics

So, why does this matter? Let’s dive into this a bit.

When you become more visible, have more impact and start to really STAND for something. Be exactly who you are, and be the biggest and brightest YOU, some stats start to play out.

There will be a segregation of your audience that really starts to show up. You’ll have a small percentage that absolutely LOVES everything that you do. Let’s say 3%. They’re that raving fan that jumps on anything you create or roll out. They shout your praises from the rooftops.

Then, you have a bigger percentage that super loves your work, but they’re not “wearing your t-shirt”, so to speak. Let’s call that 20%. (Note – these are rough approximations)

Next comes a percentage that simply likes your work, another 20%. You also have a percentage that’s indifferent. They could take it or leave it. That’s another 20%.

Then, you have people that just don’t vibe with you. They dislike your service or really don’t connect with you. About 20% again.

Finally, you have that last 3% that REALLY dislikes what you do. Everything you say or do annoys, angers or creates a negative reaction in them.

You’re Normal

Armed with this knowledge, it’s my hope that you take both the fan and critic as a sign that you are showing up big in the world. Getting your first hater (and raving fan!) is a sign of growth. It’s something to be celebrated.

Don’t Dwell

That being said, I heard this put in a really good light by an amazing Gal in business, Denise Duffield-Thomas. She mentioned in a podcast of hers that she receives neither the hate mail NOR the raving fan mail. (PS – she has an assistant filter her email)

Her reasoning? They’re just opinions. Part of the job. And, she doesn’t want her worth or how she feels about her business to be dictated by either – the raving fan or harsh critic. Wow!

It’s your turn, Gorgeous. Have you experienced your first hater yet? Raving fan? If so, how did you respond? Did your “worth” plummet? Did it skyrocket? Will you handle it differently moving forward? Comment below to join the conversation.






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