Lessons From Belize (No plane ticket required)

Normally, when you go on vacation, there’s lots of sipping yummy drinks, time to unwind and generally letting cares of your “normal” life fall away.

We all crave that elusive time to just “be”. Not worry about work or responsibility. To detach ourselves from our normal state of being and exchange it for one that feels lighter.


I recently had the opportunity to travel to Belize with my dynamic Mom. It came out of nowhere! Needless to say, I wasn’t really prepared. Mentally, to leave my Son behind and materially, for warm beach weather.

A swirl of conflicting emotions filled my heart. Excitement and anticipation of having real time to myself for the first time since the birth of L. Dark, stab-y fear of being separated from him.

Try On Your Dream

Curious and exhilarated about “trying on” my dream of traveling and running an online business at the same time (especially while delivering a new program).

Wondering how my dear Mom and I would get along since we’re essentially the same person (LOL).

I’m used to being away from my Husband…but, this time, I was the one doing the leaving.

Nothing seems to be cut and dry with me. EVER. My mind and heart are always, always trying to find the deeper meaning of my circumstances. It’s how I work, I guess.

When we arrived….culture shock ensued. The modest homes. Hit and miss plumbing and cold showers. Lack of cars and sand packed roads. Open markets and happy, stray dogs with their tongues flopping this way and that. Not needing our attention.

My mind fought to be comfortable. I’m not the best with rapid change. I always have a bit of a freak out for the first day or two. Have you ever felt that way?

Our Surroundings Can Change Our Perception

This post could be pages and pages of discovery, but I’ll spare you (I know you’re a busy Gal). Here are some more general, but deep, undercurrents of what I discovered surround by cerulean waters:

  • There is life outside my crazy striving. There are people that find joy in the simplest and most basic elements of life. How can I bring that back? What areas am I holding onto that can and SHOULD be let go of?
  • I’m always shocked by the level of abundance we have in the States. No matter how many times I’ve traveled to different areas of the world. Again, what can I let go of? How can I show more gratitude for what I DO have? Could I be happier with much, much less (short answer – yes).
  • Wind and salt air is healing. Seriously. My face cleared up, sans makeup, in DAYS. Plus, the constant lull of the waves does something to the soul. It’s always moving, so you don’t have to be.
  • How can I do more for others? What can I give? Can I give more? I’m blessed beyond measure, I clearly see that…so, how do I share it?
  • We grow in uncomfortable places. It cracks open the shell of our mind and hearts and impresses new things upon us. It challenges, pushes and pulls…it won’t be ignored. And, I only want to learn something once.

There you have it, Love. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned in sunny, slow, quietly complex Belize.

Now it’s your turn! Did anything in this post speak to you? Have you received a lesson in an unexpected place or way lately? Comment below to join the conversation.






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4 thoughts on “Lessons From Belize (No plane ticket required)

  1. I too, felt the peace and healing of the island. Pure wind absorbed with fresh salty seas. Sunshine that restored a darkness in my soul. White sands beneath my feet sloughing off the dead places in my spirit. Underwater life and incredible adventures!
    Simple beauty, fewer choices… restoration.
    Thankful to share the sweet, special time island life offers with my intuitive and lovely daughter, Jess (Mompreneur)

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